Ulrich Thomsen to play the lead in Faroese crime-series produced by REinvent Studios
8. February 2021
Shooting is about to begin on REinvent Studios’ upcoming crime series ​‘TROM’ co-produced ​with Kyk Pictures and Truenorth​. ​Set in the stunning landscapes of the Faroe Islands, ‘TROM’ stars Ulrich Thomsen (The New Pope, 2020; The Marco Effect, 2020), Maria Rich (Follow The Money, 2018) and Olaf Johannesen (The Exception, 2020; The Bridge, 2015) in the lead. The series consists of six episodes and is based upon the bestselling book-series by award-winning Faroese author Jógvan Isaksen and is the very first series ever to be created in the Faroe Islands.
‘Margrete – Queen of the North’ Teaser, Poster Unveiled by REinvent, SF Studios
3. February 2021
Nordic production and distribution powerhouse SF Studios and sales agency REinvent International Sales have revealed a sneak peek of Charlotte Sieling’s epic period drama “Margrete – Qu…
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