With 20 years of experience in the field, REinvent International Sales function as a sales agent for both its own series and high-profile projects out of Scandinavia. Our sales focus is Nordic TV series and feature films.

International sales is closely linked to packaging. When it comes to financing projects, presales are often a necessity. It is key to have a sales company attached to the project in order to optimize the revenue income. When selling a project worldwide – which has been years underway – it is all about trust and close collaboration with the producer. This is what REinvent International Sales can offer.
Our international sales team has represented the best of Nordic content for the last 20 years.

Consequently, we have a thorough knowledge of how to boost a project internationally and how to make the content stand out. This makes it possible for us to guide each project in the right direction on a competitive market place. As Scandinavians with an extraordinary worldwide outlook, we believe that we can offer unique and valuable help to producers wanting to sell their projects internationally.

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Peter Ahlén
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