To stand out in the market and develop a story that the market needs with the right talent attached is one thing; Financing the project is another thing including finding the soft funding as well as the presales for the media application, the international finance with MG and GAP. Every project is different and has different needs. REinvent Studios will find tailer-made solutions for each project that we enter into be it as producer, executive producer and/or sales agent.

REinvent Studios develops, finances, co-produces and produces various projects, hereunder international and local TV series, feature films and short series formats. REinvent Studios carefully assess each project to see how to contribute with development financing, project finance, cash flowing, gap financing or MG’s depending on the need. For every project, REinvent Studios will assist in making the package as at

tractive as possible and finding the appropriate financing for the project in new and innovative ways.

As a production company, REinvent Studios will always focus on the commercially attractive ideas that has the potential to travel across borders and at the same time projects that has a depth and strives to tell original, heartfelt and universal stories with a greater purpose. We strive to be an inspiring and warm place to be for the creatives that we work with and make it a top priority that the process is at least as important as the final goal.

Sofie Siboni
Producer & Writer
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Helene Aurø
Peter Ahlén
Sanne Arlø
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