REinvent International Sales picks up sci-fi drama,  AFTER US, THE FLOOD

3. November 2023
REinvent International Sales picks up sci-fi drama,  AFTER US, THE FLOOD

REinvent International Sales has picked up the upcoming sci-fi drama, AFTER US, THE FLOOD by acclaimed director Arto Halonen and written by the seasoned Ossi Hakala.

Arto Halonen is an internationally acclaimed director whose first feature film Princess (2010), was one of the highest grossing Finnish films in the decade it was released.

Arto Halonen has won several domestic and international awards and his latest international fiction film, “The Guardian Angel” (2018) was sold in 70 countries including US, France, UK, Japan, Italy and Spain. The script for AFTER US, THE FLOOD is written by Ossi Hakala and the cast includes Elias Westerberg, Linnea Leino, Tuomas Nilsson and Kasperi Kola.

Rikke Ennis, CEO at REinvent comments: “Ossi Hakala’s script of AFTER US, THE FLOOD is spot on when it comes to making a relevant and thrilling story. The sci-fi genre, in this case time travelling combined with the eco elements is a great combination and the story really makes us reflect on the consequences of our actions in life and what we would do, if we got a second chance! Arto Halonen will no doubt deliver a great film with global potential.

Helene Aurø, Sales and Marketing Director at REinvent adds: “After the flood is highly relevant and is sure to impact audiences worldwide. We are very proud to have the film in our slate and are looking forward to presenting it to buyers around the world.

In 2060 humanity stands at the brink of extinction brought by global warming. Henrik, an old narcissistic physicist, invented a formula in his youth that led to the creation of a stable fusion reactor. But in his vanity instead of sharing his invention with the world Henrik sold it to a corporation and thus global warming was never stopped. Now time travel has been invented: a person’s memories – and personality along with them – can be transferred to the person themselves at the moment of conception. Henrik is sent into the past so he can build the reactor in time to prevent climate change. But something goes wrong and Henrik must learn to live again in the wrong body.

After Us, The Flood is written by Ossi Hakala, and directed and produced by Arto Halonen for Art Films Production. The film is co-produced by Latvian Tasse Film. REinvent handles international sales.

Shot on locations in both Finland and Latvia, AFTER US, THE FLOOD is set to premiere locally in Autumn 2024.

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