REinvent boards hot Nordic Stone Age action drama ‘Stranger’ (exclusive)

8. May 2023
REinvent boards hot Nordic Stone Age action drama ‘Stranger’ (exclusive)

REinvent International Sales has boarded action drama Stranger, the fiction feature directorial debut of Mads Hedegaard which is produced by Motor.

The film is set around 4,000 BC, during the transition from Hunter Stone Age to Peasant Stone Age.

The story follows a 19-year-old girl, Aathi, whose family are the first farmers to arrive in what is now Denmark; when her family is killed by a local tribe of hunter-gatherers, she and her brother are forced to live with the tribe in the vast and eerie forest and learn new traditions in order to survive. As the culture crash becomes more ruthless, Aathi must decide if she will take her revenge.


Read the full story from Screendaily here.

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