ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE selected for The Festival La Rochelle Cinéma

24. August 2022
ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE selected for The Festival La Rochelle Cinéma

We are very proud to announce that Enemy of the People has been selected for the European Competition strand of the Festival de la Fiction de la Rochelle (September 13-18).

The eight-part crime drama is written by multi-award-winning duo Timo Varpio (Roba, 2015) and Laura Suhonen (Dressed For Mourning, 2016) and directed by Mikko Kuparinen (Man In Room 301, 2020) and created by Fire Monkey’s co-founder Roope Lehtinen (White Wall, Black Widows) with Timo Varpio.

Top-lining the series is Kreeta Salminen (All the Sins, Man in Room 301). The cast also includes Tobias Zilliacus (Beartown), Mikko Nousiainen (Peacemaker), Johannes Holopainen (All the Sins), Anna Böhm, Kai Vaine (Bullets) and Milka Ahlroth (Bordertown, Bullets).

After writing a critical article on the local town’s biggest celebrity, reporter Katja Salonen finds herself drawn into a whirlpool of lies, deceit and abuse of power – in the middle of which lies a deadly conspiracy and an unsolved murder. Condemned by the local townspeople for revealing the truth, Katja must suffer the ramifications of a modern day witch hunt as the public seek to dismantle her credibility and pride through a systematic hate campaign. Faced with antipathy at every turn, Katja fights to reveal the perpetrators of a pyramid scheme, at the heart of which lies a fortune in cryptocurrency, whilst those responsible seek to protect themselves by any means necessary. As she searches for the truth, Katja risks not only her reputation, but her life.

The series produced by Roope Lehtinen, Hannu Kalliolahti, Saara Kankaanpää was supported by the Finnish Film Foundation. REinvent International Sales is selling global distribution rights. 

ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE premiered locally on May 19th 2022.

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