REinvent International Sales picks up crime series, FATAL CROSSING

6. February 2023
REinvent International Sales picks up crime series, FATAL CROSSING


Based on the bestselling debut novel by Lone Theils, published in 20 countries including Germany, UK, Spain, France and Japan, FATAL CROSSING is the newest crime series from Norwegian production house Shuuto Arctic, also behind the crime series OUTLIER (2020) and CATCH AND RELEASE (2021).

With scripts and series created by Arne Berggren and Kristine Berg, FATAL CROSSING is a suspense-driven crime series produced by Shuuto Arctic, which is sure to be a must-see for fans of crime dramas, Nordic noir, and suspense thrillers. The story, spanning two different periods in time, the 80s and present time, takes place in Denmark, England, and Norway and is both complicated and surprising, with a strong female protagonist at its centre. Reporter, Nora Sand is a fascinating, persistent, and highly intuitive character, who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

FATAL CROSSING will span over 8 episodes with a duration of 40 minutes each.

Author Lone Theils states: “I am incredibly happy and proud that my book will now become a series, and for the chance to reach an even larger international audience. It has been an exquisite pleasure to work with REinvent and Shuuto on this project and I feel that Nora Sand is in safe hands with people who understand who she is to the core. I’m really looking forward to seeing the series on screen and hopefully seeing Nora Sand take the world by storm.

Based on the creator’s earlier successful productions, taking part in bringing this series to the screen is very exciting,” says Nan Karin Ulsnes, Product Manager at Altibox.

Helene Aurø, Sales & Marketing Director at REinvent International Sales comments on the acquisition: “After having read the book, I saw an obvious international potential in bringing FATAL CROSSING to the international audiences. Quality crime series based on a strong IP are always in high demand and we look very much forward to presenting the series to our international buyers.”

It is fantastic to develop a series based on Lone Theil’s fascinating universe and the iconic character Nora Sand, a stubborn, fearless and somewhat lonely woman who refuses to budge once she believes in something. Actress Marie Jondal Sandø is a match made in heaven for the Nora-character,” says Kristine Berg, Executive Producer at Shuuto Arctic.

The series will star an up and coming Scandinavian cast with Marie Sandø (The Marco Effect, 2021) in the lead along with Jesper Paasch (The Rain, 2019), Anna Stokholm (The New Nurses, 2022), Siir Tilif (Those Who Kill, 2021) and Viktor Hjelmsø (Boys, 2022).

Journalist Nora Sand works as a foreign correspondent for a Danish newspaper, spending most of her time in London. She’s at the peak of her career when she’s accused of having had an affair with one of her sources in a big case. Nora gets suspended, travels home to Denmark in order to lie low until the scandal has cooled off. But when she’s given an anonymous tip about an old missing people case, she can’t resist. In the 80s, two young girls disappeared from the ferry travelling from Denmark to England and have not been seen since. Nora investigates the case, which turns out to have an unexpected connection to serial killer William Hix, who is serving a life sentence in England. As the case unravels, Nora begins to fear for her own life, as she suspects another killer is following her every move…

FATAL CROSSING is created by screenwriters Arne Berggren and Kristine Berg (Catch and Release, 2021). The eight episodes are produced by Shuuto Arctic for Norwegian streaming platform, Altibox.

The series will air on Altibox fall 2023 and is further pre-sold to DR.

REinvent handles international sales. Delivery is expected for Q3 2023.

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