Viking Wolf

Viking Wolf

The Viking Wolf is a classic werewolf film in a completely new wrapping.

Thale (17) has just moved with her family to the small town of Nybo because her mother has a new job in the local police. At a beach party with local youths, a student is brutally killed, and Thale is a key witness in the case. Who or what is behind the murder?

There are many indications that it might be an animal, perhaps a wolf. During the investigation, Thale’s mother – investigation leader Liv Berg – discovers that they are facing something quite different and unknown. At the same time, Thale begins to see and behave strangely. What happens in Nybo at the next full moon?

Writer: Stig Svendsen and Espen Aukan
Director: Stig Svendsen
Producers: John M. Jacobsen and Ellen Alveberg
Production companies: Filmkameratene AS and REinvent Studios
Executive producers: Tim King, Rikke Ennis and Fredrik Warstedt
With support from: The Media Programme of the European Union
Genre: Teen horror
Duration: 97 min.
Production year: 2021

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