REinvent International Sales Plunges into RIVER OF BLOOD

31. October 2023
REinvent International Sales Plunges into RIVER OF BLOOD

REinvent International Sales have picked up acclaimed director Howard J. Ford’s latest feature film, RIVER OF BLOOD. Scheduled to commence shooting in stunning locations across Thailand in November 2023, this thrilling psychological horror is sure to send shivers down your spine. 

Director Howard J. Ford, renowned for his exceptional storytelling in the horror genre, is set to take you on a terrifying and epic cinematic journey with four kayakers who take the wrong river into a jungle inhabited by a tribe of merciless cannibals.

Howard J. Ford’s previous work includes the R rated “The Dead” (2010), the thrilling adventure, “The Ledge” (2022), multi award winning “Never Let Go” (2015), and horror thriller “The Lockdown Hauntings” (2021).

With a script by Tom Boyle, RIVER OF BLOOD will take audiences on a bloody and terrifying journey into the darkest and most remote corners of the Thai jungle. Tom Boyle is previously known for the R rated “The Ledge” (2022) for which he also paired up with Howard J. Ford.

Rikke Ennis, CEO at REinvent says: “When I read Tom’s script, I immediately knew that it was a film that would have huge potential internationally. A terrifying horror thriller with cannibals as a main driving force, combined with Howards incredible directing skills is really something to keep an eye out for.

Helene Aurø, Sales and Marketing Director at REinvent adds: “We are thrilled to announce the pick up of River of Blood. We know the quality of Howards work and how well it travels. I’m convinced that this film will reach a big audience worldwide and we open for pre-buys at AFM.

Two young couples on a luxurious holiday at a jungle resort face a vacation gone terribly wrong. When AJ and Ritchie, old friends from college on vacation with their partners; Maya and Jasmine, try to put their relationship troubles aside and go on an adventure. Hiring an edgy guide Nick (Joseph Millson) for a kayaking tour through the jungle, the journey soon takes a dark turn when Ritchie mysteriously disappears. As they search for Ritchie, the couples unwittingly wander into the perilous territory of an indigenous tribe of cannibals known for their gruesome rituals. Their dream-vacation soon transforms into a nightmarish fight for survival on sacred land, with the tribe hotter on their trail by their every move and picking them off one by one…

RIVER OF BLOOD will be led by a cast consisting of well-established, as well as up and coming cast including Joseph Millson (Casino Royale, 2006; Angel Has Fallen, 2019;The Last Kingdom, 2015-2020), Louis James (Help, 2021), Ella Starbuck (Witch, 2022), David Wayman (The Ledge, 2022), and Sarah A. Marks (Witch, 2022; Escape, 2023).

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