The Royal Life Guard

In The Royal Life Guard we enter the backstage of the Danish Royal Life Guard to unveil what hides behind the polished uniforms and the iconic bearskin headdresses.

The Royal Guard is the toughest way to serve military service in Denmark. Serving the Queen takes both durability and willpower. In spite of this, most volunteer to join the proud and prestigious tradition of guarding the Royal Family.

But not everyone passes the demanding and difficult challenges that lie ahead of being admitted to attend Royal Guard training. A lot of apprentices never make the cut. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to join the exclusive club that is The Danish Royal Guard.

After completing the four months of training the recruits serve the remaining four months standing guard in front of the royal castles and palaces of Denmark.

Format: 6 x 43 min
Editor in Chief: Peter Granzau Kabel
Producer: Jesper H Grand
Company: Heartland TV er produktionsselskab.
Year: 2018.
Broadcaster: Discovery Danmark

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