Cathrine (22) works as a youth counselor at a sex information call center and lives together with her boyfriend for four years, Simon (22).

Cathrine and Simon are happy and everything goes well, except for one thing: Simon has lost his sex drive, while Cathrine on the other hand, has a very big desire for sex. Eventhough Cathrine always knows how to advise others, it is hardly that easy when it comes to herself. So when she and Selma, her fascinating colleague, start kissing on a rooftop and a serious attraction arises, Cathrine finds herself in a situation she can’t easily get out of. At home she has her caring and faithful boyfriend who starts to question Cathrine’s sudden lack of attention. But Cathrine’s thoughts are constantly on Selma, who soon starts putting pressure on her as well, as Selma has no intention of just being someone’s secret affair. In confusion and desperation over having to choose, Cathrine tries to get it all, which in the end leaves her getting nothing.

Creator: Clara Mendes
Director: Amalie Næsby Fick
Producer: Marta Mleczek
Produced by: Profile Pictures
Broadcaster/Platform: TV 2 Denmark
Genre: Youth drama
Duration: 6 x 12 (ep. vary in duration)
Production: 2019
Delivery: Q1 2020

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Helene Aurø
Peter Ahlén
Sanne Arlø
Sara Champagne
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