Saga’s Stories

Saga is a five and half year old and she’s got a loose front tooth. She lives together with her mother and father in a small, yellow and cosy house. All the houses on her street look the same, only the colours differ. No kids are allowed to play on one side of the street, there the cars drive much too fast.

On the other side of the street everyone can play, where there’s a trees, courtyards and a playground. A few of Saga’s neighbours have pets. Her own deepest wish is to get her own fuzzy pet to cuddle with, but her mother is very allergic. The only animal Saga has is a worm in a flowerpot on the balcony. But the people in the townhouses are nice. And Saga will soon get to care for the world’s cutest neighbourhood cat.

In Saga’s Stories we follow a determined and inventive girl. We get to share the joy that washes over you when you lose your first tooth or jump a little too high from the trampoline. The fear of getting lost in the big supermarket or the feeling of jealousy when everybody except for you has else has a little brother or sister. The excitement of exploring the big forest with your grandfather or swimming underwater, like a shark.

Put simply; A show about life. If your name is Saga, you’re five and a half years old and you’ve got a loose front tooth.

Based on the novel by: Josefine Sundström & Emma Göthner
Director & Animator: Pella Olsson
Producer: Niklas Larsson
Produced by: SF Studios
Format: 20 x 7 minutes

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