Last Light


Despite the distance separating them, the Nielsen family are all about to experience chaos. As they are far from home, apparently minor events set off a chain reaction leading to a major crisis; it could be: A peak oil. A pandemic. A global black-out. Whatever its form, this brutal conjuncture will rattle the Nielsen’s world — and could threaten our societies as a whole. Thanks to their trades and skills, the Nielsen’s are among the first to witness the warning signs of the crisis – and to anticipate it. They will see their familiar and reassuring world drift further into panic, anarchy, and violence with each passing hour.

Last Light is a TV-series based on the bestselling novel by Alex Scarrow.

Languages: English, French, Scandinavian
Format: 6 x 45
Creator: Patrick Renault
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Seasons: TBD
Co-Producers:  REinvent Studios, Brain Academy, Make it Happen Studio

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Helene Aurø
Peter Ahlén
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