The Peacemaker


In Turkey, Ann-Mari works relentlessly in order to defuse an escalating conflict between the Kurds and the Turks, and find a solution for peace. But the scandal she caused by revealing a Finnish state-owned company’s involvement in the arms trade continues to haunt her and gets worse when she discovers that the weapons never reached Saudi Arabia.

The Finnish Foreign Secretary Lauri Miettinen tries to prevent Ann-Mari from revealing any further aspects of the Finnish arms industry. Ann-Mari soon begins to understand that her safeguard Tom Virta is actually working for Miettinen and his job is to do his utmost to keep Ann-Mari away from the arms trade.

When Ann-Mari meet a Kurdish spiritual leader living in exile, he reveals that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are building a massive oil pipe from Saudi Arabia to Europe through the Kurdish territory. And the Kurds want their share of the profits from the pipe. But Turkey is set against it. During the meeting the spiritual leader gets killed by unknown men and Ann-Mari barely manages to escape.

At the same time a group of jihadists occupies the fortress of Alhambra in Granada armed with weapons made by the Finnish state-owned company. Ann-Mari knows she is part of a bigger picture, and she needs to find out which part before it’s too late.

AJ Annila is best known for his visual style and unconventional subject choices. His kung-fu film Jade Warrior (2006) and horror film Sauna (2008) won multiple international awards, and the pirate-adventure series Heroes of The Baltic Sea (2016) won the Years Best Domestic Drama Series award. Annila’s third feature.

Creator: Eriikka Etholén-Paju
Director: AJ Annila
Producers: Johanna Enäsuo & Marko Röhr
Produced by: MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy
Genre: Political Drama Thriller
Duration: 10 x 52 min
Production: 2019
Broadcaster/Platform: YLE
Delivery: Q2 2019

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