When the body of an animal rights activist surfaces in the bloody waters of a local whale hunt, investigative journalist Hannis Martinsson risks his own skin on the trail of a spectacular story, sending shock waves through an isolated island community, where every old friend has suddenly become a possible new suspect.






Creator: Torfinnur Jákupsson
Director: Kasper Barfoed
Writers: Torfinnur Jákupsson, Donna Sharpe
Producers: Jón Hammer, Rikke Ennis
Produced by: KYK Pictures, REinvent Studios
Broadcaster/Platform: KVF
Genre: Crime Drama
Duration: 8 x 45 min
Production: Q1 2021
Delivery: Q3 2021


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Helene Aurø
Peter Ahlén
Sanne Arlø
Sara Champagne
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