First Responders


FIRST RESPONDERS is a 10 part procedural drama set in Scandinavia’s largest mountain resort in the North of Sweden. This village of only 1,500 permanent inhabitants, swells to 60,000 in peak ski season. The series is built around the emergency services in the region: Police, Fire, Mountain Rescue and the local Doctors ward, following six main characters. Hannah the policewoman and devoted mother of two. She suffers from PTSD after having shot a drug dealer in the line of duty. Josephine a young new doctor that will discover, and learn, the extremely hands on and self- reliant duties at Åre Emergency Ward. Sophia was not the pretty girl in school and makes up for it by playing the field of fit male seasonal skiers. Despite her reckless love life, she is a reliable ambulance nurse in any emergency. Tomas is 47 and depressed after ending his third short and childless marriage. He is a general builder and maintenance man that lives for the days when he gets to go out in the wilderness as an expert mountain rescuer.

The focus of the series is the lives of these characters, their own personal dramas in the midst of performing everyday heroism such as locating people lost in the wild, pulling people from the cold lakes, their faces blue from hypothermia, saving a skier with an open leg fracture from bleeding out onto the white snow or even solving a murder. A strong cast of smart characters in a place as breathtakingly beautiful as it is dangerous.

Creators: Henrik Sylven and Joakim Hansson
Director: Lena Koppel and Rikard Jarnhed
Producer: Joakim Hansson
Produced by: SF Studios
Broadcaster/Platform: Viaplay
Genre: Drama
Duration: 10 x 44 min
Expected Production year: 2019
Expected delivery: April 2020

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