HOPE is the story about the first Scandinavian colonists on the planet Mars. The story of a new nation and of the people who travelled, farther than anyone before, to build it. How they got there, their motives, both the young and the old, their conflicts, their wars, their relationships, their loves. All the challenges that either divide us or makes us hold on. And finally, the realisation that the deadliest thing they would ever encounter on this far-flung colony in space didn’t exist before human beings set foot on Mars.

After experiencing a deep personal crisis, Kim Bentz, Swedish IT entrepreneur and billionaire, decides to leave Earth and establish mankind’s first permanent colony on the planet Mars. The project’s grandiose nature and its impossible challenges reflect Kim’s own personality perfectly.

Alongside the 49 passengers aboard the spaceship Hope, Kim Bentz is doomed to spend the rest of his life in the daily struggle to tame an oxygen poor, fierce and frigid planet, millions of kilometres from Earth. Now he faces the greatest task of all – to finally understand and to take responsibility for his creation, or to die along with it.

Creator: Lars Lundström & Cristiano Bortone
Director: TBC
Producers: Peter Bouckaert and Rikke Ennis
Produced by: Eyeworks Belgium and REinvent Studios
Genre: Sci-Fi Drama
Duration: 8 x 45 min
Expected Production year: 2019
Expected delivery: 2020

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