HASHTAG is mini-drama series about small events with great consequences.

Suddenly all the young people in the city are talking about #paaach – an Instagram account used where girls and boys ridicule each other as whores. Friends turn their backs on each other and people are completely devastated. The rumour about who started the account leads to a riot outside a secondary school. The reactions are extensive.

Someone has to carry the blame.

Hashtag is a drama series about how it is to be loved or hated in the eyes of others. The series is based on a true story where hundreds of young people in Gothenburg, Sweden gathered to ”kill a young girl” because of an Instagram account who put up pictures and evil stories about other young people. The series is based on real events, which came to be known as this Instagram-riots.

Creators: Jessika Jankert Lovisa Löwhagen
Director: Anders Hazelius
Producer: Lizette Jonjic
Produced by: Zentropa Sweden
Broadcaster/Platform: SVT
Genre: Drama
Duration: 8 × 15 min
Production year: 2016

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