The New Nurses

The year is 1952, and there is a severe shortage of nurses in Denmark. At Fredenslund Hospital, matron Margrethe launches a controversial experiment, in which, for the first time, male students are accepted into the nurse training program. The young soldier Erik persuades Margrethe to let him have a place in the program, and he settles in at the school together with his fellow students. The upper- class girl Anna, in particular, catches his attention. However, not everyone is pleased with this modern experiment of training male nurses. The chief physician and the head nurse are both old-school, and they make life miserable for the young students. Erik, Anna and the other trainees want to make a difference, but they are up against the rigid rules of the hospital, prejudices, and old conventions. Despite busy schedules and rule break- ing, emotions flourish among the students, who, on their nights off, go to the jazz club, or hold discreet parties in their dorm rooms.

The duo Claudia Boderke and Lars Mering are the writers behind the three The Reunion movies, all of which were major blockbusters in Denmark. Six European countries have made remakes of the films – among them Germany and Holland. Claudia Boderke and Lars

Mering both have a long track record in film and TV series.

THE NEW NURSES is the writer duo’s first joint TV series. Producer of the series is Senia Dremstrup, who previously produced the TV series Norskov in collaboration with TV2 Danmark, TV4 Sverige, NRK, and Arte. The series is directed by Roni Ezra. He is best known as the director of the critically acclaimed feature film April 9th, and he also directed the season finale of the TV series Below the Surface.

Creators: Claudia Boderke Lars Mering
Director:  Roni Ezra
Producer: Senia Dremstrup
Produced by: SF Studios
Broadcaster/Platform: TV2 Denmark
Genre: Drama
Duration: 12 x 40 min
Seasons: 1 and 2 completed. 3 and 4 in development
Production year: 2018


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