Monica Wollman (33) is up for an important promotion in one of the country’s leading cyber security companies when the worst possible thing happens – someone steals her identity and hacks into the country’s most vulnerable infrastructure. Suspended from her job, with her security clearance revoked, she begins the impossible task of clearing her name and identifying the person behind the attack. Why did they choose her? Who was aware of her weak points? Gradually, Monica begins to realise that she is not the person she thought she was. And someone is using her. Her whole life has been staged. Not only does she want her job and her life back. She must learn who she really is. And she wants revenge.

Creators/Writers: Arne Berggren, Kristine Berg
Directors: Arne Berggren, Magnus Berggren
Producers: Arne Berggren, Kristine Berg, Magnus Berggren
Produced by: Shuuto Arctic
Co-produced by: REinvent Studios
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 8 x 45 min.
Production: Q1 2022
Delivery: Q2 2023

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Helene Aurø
Peter Ahlén
Sanne Arlø
Sara Champagne
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